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The Little Book of Success

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The 7 Standers of Success


Success in life comes to us as we choose to raise our level
Of thinking by practicing the 7 Standers of Success in our Family Work place, Faith and the Community.

Life can be a rewarding experience, but we must accept the law of reality that life is difficult and often unfair.

We must refuse to play the role of the victim and practice the 7 standards of success even under difficult circumstances.We are given the responsibility of being the builder of our life. The following standers of successful thinking are the surest way to happiness, contentment, Health and Wealth.


Stander 1: Accept your self every one has a unique meaning and purpose no one is an accident.

Stander 2: Be thankful become a happy person by showing appreciation for what you have.

Stander 3: Character commitment don’t compromise your moral integrity for temporary pleasure.

Stander 4: Respect Authority honoring leader’s by obedience brings approval and mutual respect.

Stander 5: Practice kindness live by the Golden Rule and build genuine friendship.

Stander 7: Invest in others helping others become successful makes us valuable and increases our social standing.


I Pledge to respect myself by growing in wisdom and living by the seven standers of success.

I pledge to respect others by being kind, unselfish and forgiving.

I pledge to respect authority by honoring leadership in my family, my faith, my workplace, and my community.

I accept the challenge.